Once upon time - sometime around July 2022, two programmers and active free time athletes met
head up and came with an idea of developing Online Store with sport supplements.

After a bit more thinking - research was made. Results of the research showed us a bit more insights from selected area. How to proceed? About us.

26.9.2022 - 14:50:28


Let's do it. With versatile and high-quality brands, reasonable prices, and best possible services. Let's make our store trust-worthy, with focus on community and support. Let's make it with intuitive design available for everyone


Technologies, platform and project - (cover name) were selected


Logo, store colors and store name were selected

Development start

Idea of Online store with sport supplements starts to come alive - we are really going to do it! First development tasks were divided
10.11.2022 - 18:43


Domain for www.cool-body.eu was reserved and activated. Development process on Online store has a real face - we are coming closer to finish line
17.11.2022 - 13:41

Private testing

Private testing is in full swing. First test order was succesfully fulfilled, CoolBody chat was launched
25.11.2022 - 21:25


Private testing was successfully completed. www.cool-body.eu is publicly available!
11.12.2022 - 20:43

First customer order received!📦

Order is heading to Vantaa city. Thank you!
17.4.2024 - 18:00

Maintenance finished

We listen to our customers, we improve, we are back!