Natural Anabolics

Why to use natural anabolics?

Natural anabolics are legal supplements on a natural basis and have no unwanted side effects. These supplements support growth of muscle mass, increase the athlete's performance and strength with speed up regeneration and support your immune system.

Some types of natural anabolics are supporting and stimulating your own testosterone and growth hormone release.

Similar to pre-workouts, these supplements should be used by advanced athletes, who want to push their limits and to be the best of the best.

Natural anabolics can be also used by people who feel burned out, or by people who need help to find motivation. Natural anabolics can be used for bringing balance to your body hormones, thus, help with normalization of your metabolism, which will help you to feel more vital. These will also help with boosting your immunity or even increasing sleep efficiency.

Natural anabolics differences

Natural anabolics such as anabolisers, tribulus terrestris, D-aspartic acid (DAA), diosgenin and ecdysterone are only suitable for people over 18 years old.

Anabolisers support anabolic status of your body. They are dilating blood vessels which enables a better supply of nutrients to your muscles. They support production of testosterone and growth hormone, which are important for your complete body vitality.

Tribulus Terrestris is ideal for support your own body testosterone or balancing it. For men, testosterone level can growth for up-to 30 %. It increases muscle mass, strength, energy, endurance, and overall support of physical performance. Tribulus Terrestris can be used by people searching for motivation or to help them push their limits. In addition, the supplement supports the sexual vitality of the individual. Taking Tribulus can also improve sexual satisfaction for males and females with low sexual desire. Quality of Tribulus depends on value of saponins and most importantly on value of protodiscine. Higher values of protodiscine means higher quality. Another quality selector can depend on country of harvest - for example Bulgarian Tribulus contains up to 40 - 60x higher protodiscine values compare to regular Tribulus. Tribulus should be used constantly for 8 weeks with 2 - 4 weeks of pause. Dosage of Tribulus with 60 % of protodiscine should be around 10 - 15 mg / kg daily. This amount can be increased for first 3 weeks for up to 50 % - this practise will help you to reach desired effect faster.

D-aspartic acid (DAA) supports the natural production of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. It supports growth of muscle mass, reduction of body fat, increase of strength and energy. Aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid found mainly in the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles.

Diosgenin is a natural extract obtained from an herb with a high content of steroid saponins. Similarly to Tribulus, it supports body strength, body vitality and it makes regeneration after hard training faster.

Ecdysterone stimulates the production of own testosterone and growth hormone and accelerates fat burning. It shortens regeneration time and has a high anabolic effect. It also helps with sexual health.

ZMA complex is patented amount of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B. This combination in specific ratio, taken by males and females, will increase your testosterone, growth hormone and bring your body into the hormone balance, so your body will be in full anabolic state. ZMA will help you to top-up your performance and increase immunity. It also makes you sleep deeper and regenerate after hard training faster. Dosage provided by manufacturer should not be exceeded.

Ashwagandha has a normalizing and optimizing effect on the human body, it helps reducing stress and anxiety. It helps the body to cope with a difficult situation, increases endurance and strength. It also positively affects mental health.

Rhodiola Rosea can stimulate, increases the level of serotonin (hormone of happiness), thanks to which it is also effective in mental exhaustion. Increases physical abilities, reduces recovery time after injury and supports regeneration. Rhodiola Rosea can be used as a replacement for caffeine. It will give you long-lasting energy, without the crash (compared to caffeine).

Peruan Maca supports the production of own testosterone and growth hormone and stabilizing hormones as whole. Strengthens bones and muscles, helps with loss of appetite. It also relieves stress, depression, increases immunity and positively stimulates sexual activity and libido for both men and women.

Legal supplements on a natural basis which will help you to reach the best part of you. Natural anabolics can increase and support body growth, strength, regeneration and performance. They will help you to reach body anabolism. Dosage provided by manufacturer should not be changed.

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    You can ask any kind of questions related to Natural anabolics. Our team will help you to find your answers. Name, question and answer will be publicly visible.

    Natural anabolics related consultancy

    You can ask any kind of questions related to Natural anabolics. Our team will help you to find your answers. Name, question and answer will be publicly visible.