Why to use stimulants?

Stimulants are designed similarly to pre-workouts. They support performance during physical exercise, but also concentration and endurance when you need them - for example during learning process. Some special stimulants - such as GABA can help you to fall a sleep faster.

These supplements are intended also for people who need to boost their mind, memory or cognitive instincts (for example pro-gamers or students).

On another hand, some stimulants, are great to help you to increase secretion of body hormones, which helps with body regeneration and growth.

Stimulants should be consumed 15-45 minutes prior the time of need.

Dosage of stimulants is individual, you should never exceed dosing determined by the manufacturer.

Stimulants differences

Most common stimulants.

GABA it is a popular nootropic which will help you with your learning process (memory), focus, stress management and sleep. It is suitable for all people. GABA will support your deep sleep and production of hormones, especially growth hormones. GABA has positive effect on body metabolism, supports growth of muscle mass and its regeneration. The effects of GABA begins to be visible after approximately 2 weeks of continuous use. However, its maximum effect will be reached after approximately 2 months.

Guarana increases performance, suppresses fatigue, and increases concentration, at also contains array of antioxidants which provide support for your health. With lower dosages of Guarana from 37.5 mg to 75 mg your ability to learn and remember can increase! It also suppresses the appetite, what makes it being suitable as a dietary supplement. Guarana also supports healthy digestion and regularity. Guarana should not be used before sleep, because it contains caffein, which can cause sleeplessness.

Inosine is a natural stimulant that increases oxygen in your muscle tissue, what increases your performance and makes your regeneration faster.

Growth hormone stimulant (GH) naturally increases the level of growth hormone. This helps to build your muscles faster, it reduces fat and helps with your body regeneration.

Taurine delays the onset of mental fatigue, improves reactions. It also helps to regulate and to lower blood sugar levels. It increases the elasticity of arteries, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, maintains an even pulse and lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. People who use taurine during training can burn fat by up to 16% more effectively. Taurine also helps to reduce muscle cramps. Taurine can also help your mind to concentrate and fight with your anxiety - necessary for learning or calm down your mind before sleep. Dosage of taurine should be in range around 2-3 g per day. If you take higher dosage of taurine, it will be released from your body via urine.

Nitric Oxide improves blood circulation in the cardiovascular system. It supports the production of growth hormone and creatine synthesis. It ensures a faster distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Support of blood circulation results in faster regeneration and pumping of muscle mass.

L-Tyrosine will help you to increase mental activity, alertness, attention, focus and memory. It increases concentration during your training or stressful situations. L-Tyrosine is great for all kind of sports. It has been shown to provide increased energy and endurance. It is an important precursor to certain neurotransmitters in the body such as dopamine - which is also know as hormon of "good feeling". Tyrosine is also known for it ability of mood stabilization (related to dopamine and serotonin). It can be often found in energy drinks.

Increase your concentration and physical performance when you need it. The effect is, in most cases, immediate within few minutes after use.

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  • Stimulants related consultancy

    You can ask any kind of questions related to Stimulants. Our team will help you to find your answers. Name, question and answer will be publicly visible.

    Stimulants related consultancy

    You can ask any kind of questions related to Stimulants. Our team will help you to find your answers. Name, question and answer will be publicly visible.